FAQ for Fractional Roles

What’s your interview process like?

On our side it’s one 30 minute call during which we ask you how you’d approach the problem you’re being brought in to address.

The client side screen is typically 1-2 calls ~30 minute calls.

What kinds of questions do you ask for your tech screens?

We ask how you’d do the things we’re hiring you to do.

We don’t do live coding or take homes and we won’t ask you to write quicksort :)

How long do roles stay open for?

Anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on how quickly the client needs someone.

Usually we’re done screening candidates within a week after posting a role but not always.

We’ll leave a role open our site until we’ve started someone in that role.

Should I apply to multiple roles?

Yes, please do.

We use typeform submissions to keep track of all the folks that are interested in a given role and we’re not good at cross referencing submissions across multiple roles.

Will you reach out to me if a role that comes up that’s a good fit?

We try but we’re very bad at this, even if we’ve spoken before.

We think the right long term solution to this problem is email notifications for new jobs that match a configurable set of criteria.

We don’t have this yet but are hoping to get it set up soon.

Will I receive updates from you if I submit a typeform for a role?

You should receive an email immediately after you submit the typeform and then an additional email from us when the role closes with some information on what happened with that role.

I felt like I was really qualified for a role I applied for but I didn’t hear from you. Why?

We’re far from perfect at reviewing typeform submissions and can’t emphasize that enough.

We’re making a determination on who to talk to after looking at 100s of linkedin profiles for approximately 60 seconds each.

If you don’t hear from us please don’t take that to mean we don’t think you could do the work or that we don’t want hear from you in the future.

How do you decide who to interview?

We’re mainly looking at your LinkedIn. We also look at your answers in the typeform.

Things we usually like to see are lots of startup xp, lots of years xp, a mix of leadership and IC roles, consulting xp.

We usually like to see that you’ve done whatever it is we’re hiring for at least once and ideally multiple times.

We’re spending about 60 seconds looking at a profile before making a decision. We’re looking at titles, company names, keywords, your headline, etc. If we’re looking at big blocks of text at all it’s to scan for keywords.

We almost never look at resumes or portfolio sites.

What’s the best way to reach out about a role?

Filling out the typeform is the best way to get in touch.

If we’ve spoken before, filling out the typeform and then also sending an email is best.

LinkedIn DMs are not a good way to reach out whether we’ve spoken before or not, they’re too easy for us to lose track of.

Can I get an email notification every time you post a new job?

Not yet, we’re working on this though.

If you think there are some other questions that it’d be helpful for us to answer here let us know and if we hear the same thing from a few folks we’ll update this page.

As always thanks for taking the time to look into Forward, we appreciate it 🙏🏻