What’s your interview process like?

It’s typically one ~30 minute call during which we share with you more information on the role and ask you 1-2 technical questions.

The client side screens range anywhere from a single call for shorter term contracts to a 2-4 step interview process for longer term roles.

We try to steer clients away from take home exercises and lengthy interview processes and towards shorter interview processes and mutual trial periods.

What kinds of questions do you ask for your tech screens?

We talk to you about how you would do whatever it is you’d be doing for the client. Often the conversation is about how you’d build out a feature in an existing app.

We will never ask you questions about algorithms and/or data structures and the types of clients we work with don’t ask these questions either.

How long do roles stay open for?

Anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on how quickly the client needs someone.

Usually we’re done screening candidates within a week after posting a role but not always.

We’ll leave a role open our site until we’ve started someone in that role.

Should I apply to multiple roles?

Yes, please do.

We use typeform submissions to keep track of all the folks that are interested in a given role and we’re not good at cross referencing submissions across multiple roles.

Will I receive updates from you if I submit a typeform for a role?

We typically hear from 100s of candidates per role and at the moment we unfortunately don’t have the ability to provide folks with automated updates after they’ve applied for a role.

We’re currently working on addressing this and appreciate you bearing with us in the mean time. Sorry about this, we know it sucks to apply for a role and then not hear anything 😔

I felt like I was really qualified for a role I applied for but I didn’t hear from you. Why?

We’re far from perfect at reviewing typeform submissions and can’t emphasize that enough.

For each role we probably hear from at least 10 folks who would do exceptionally well in the role, 10s of folks who would do well. And around half the folks we hear from look qualified on paper.

We’re making a determination on who to talk to after looking at 100s of linkedin profiles for approximately 60 seconds each. More on what we look for here.

If you don’t hear from us it please don’t take that to mean we don’t think you could do the work or that we don’t want hear from you in the future!

How do you decide who to interview?

Typically were looking at your Linkedin, your overall years of experience, the stacks you’ve worked with, your english, startup experience, and experience with U.S. based companies.

We have more information on this here.

What’s the best way to reach out about a role?

Filling out the typeform is the best way to get in touch.

If we’ve spoken before, filling out the typeform and then also sending an email is best.

LinkedIn DMs are not a good way to reach out whether we’ve spoken before or not, they’re too easy for us to lose track of.

If we haven’t spoken before sending us an email is unfortunately not a good way to get in touch.

Do you have a email list for job updates?

No but we should. We’ll likely reach out to folks that have submitted typeforms about this once we get some better email infrastructure in place.

If you think there are some other questions that it’d be helpful for us to answer here let us know and if we hear the same thing from a few folks we’ll update this page.

As always thanks for taking the time to look into Forward, we appreciate it 🙏🏻