About Forward

Forward is a consulting firm that works with independent consultants to help startups quickly scale the maturity and headcount of their engineering organizations.

We work exclusively with independent consultants because it allows us to match work to humans faster and more effectively than traditional consulting firms.

We typically work with around a dozen startups and a few dozen consultants at a time.

About the Work

Company Stage: Seed

Keywords: Rails

Term: 12+ months

Hours per week: 40

Budget: $20-$40/hour

Timeline: April

Timezone Constraints: 6 hours of overlap with ET

Geographic Constraints: South America


We’re working with a profitable, bootstrapped company that helps a wide variety of associations on board, manage, and communicate with their members.

They have a multi-tenant rails app and need a rails engineer to help them create new tenants as they bring on additional associations. Creating a new tenant typically involves tuning one of their base tenant apps to adjust for a particular use case (adding fields to models, modifying controller actions, updating forms, etc.) as well as skinning the frontend for the new association (adding their logo, updating some colors and content, etc.).

About You

Roughly in order of importance:

  • Have 3+ years rails experience
  • Have experience building out basic, server-rendered, frontends
  • Have 5+ years experience

If you’re interested, feel free to fill out our typeform (~3 min):

If this sounds interesting would be great If you could fill out this typeform. Even if not, we’re always looking to get to know more independent consultants so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] You can find our other roles here.