About Forward

Forward is a consulting firm that works exclusively with independent consultants to help startups build their engineering organizations.

About the Work

Company Stage: Series A

Keywords: Flutter

Term: 4 weeks

Hours per week: 40

Budget: $45-$60/hour

Timeline: Targetting a Friday Nov 10 start

Timezone Constraints: 5 hours overlap with ET

Geographic Constraints: Latam preferred but not required


We’re working with a company building a platform to support no-code notification workflows for engineering, product, and marketing teams. They recently built a react native SDK and they’re looking for a developer who can create and ship a Flutter SDK for them within the next month. The team doesn’t have any experience with Flutter so they’d be looking to you to help them understand what’s idiomatic / conventional within that ecosystem.

About You

Roughly in order of importance:

  • You have flutter experience
  • You have experience working with U.S. based companies
  • You have early stage startup experience
  • You have 8+ years experience

If this role sounds interesting to you, we’d love to hear from you here.

Research shows that certain folks are less likely to apply for work when they don’t meet 100% of the outlined qualifications. If this role excites you, we want to hear from you. If not and you’re looking for contract work, feel free to reach out to us or take a look at our other roles. You can also view our privacy policy here.